About Dollarwise: credit card comparison company

Dollarwise is a Canadian company founded in 2021. Dollarwise helps Canadians to compare credit cards and other financial products. Dollarwise reviews Canadian credit cards and makes personalized recommendations on credit cards.

We put each credit card through a series of tests so that we can make data-driven recommendations that help your wallet.

To support our mission we’re quickly becoming one of the largest creators of financial education content to help Canadians to better understand their money.

Dollarwise is a Canadian company headquartered in Thornhill, Ontario.


Dollarwise has spent hundreds of hours testing 170+ credit cards and financial products. Our CEO, Jack Prenter, has worked in the financial industry since 2016.

Fair reviews:

Dollarwise doesn’t bias our reviews based on who pays us the most. Many competing review sites rank credit cards and financial products based on who will pay them the most. Dollarwise scores credit cards with data-driven testing and a transparent methodology.


Dollarwise is transparent about our performance testing process and how we score, rank and recommend financial products and credit cards. We also share how our business makes money so that you know that you can trust our opinion.

Real experience:

Dollarwise has reviewed 170+ credit cards and published 100,000+ words of free personal finance content!

Dollarwise offers unbiased credit card comparison to give you recommendations based on your financial goals and needs.

Dollarwise uses data to make personalized credit card recommendations. Using Dollarwise you can filter credit cards to find the perfect one for you!

The Dollarwise team has reviewed nearly every Canadian credit card, ensuring that we recommend the right credit card for you.

Dollarwise has hundreds of articles and tools that help Canadians to better understand credit cards so that you can make an informed decision.

Jack Prenter is the CEO of Dollarwise and he founded Dollarwise in 2021.

You can find Dollarwise on Twitter, Facebook, The Org, Crunchbase and LinkedIn.