About Us – Who is Dollarwise?

What we do

Dollarwise reviews credit cards and financial products so that Canadians can make more informed decisions.

We put each credit card through a battery of tests so that we can make data-driven recommendations that help your wallet.

To support our mission we’re quickly becoming one of the largest creators of financial education content to help Canadians to better understand their money.

Why should you trust us?


We have spent hundreds of hours personally testing 170+ credit cards and financial products. Our founder and editor-in-chief, Jack Prenter, has worked in the financial industry since 2016.

Fair reviews

We don’t bias our reviews based on who pays us the most. Many competing review sites rank credit cards and financial products based on who will pay them the most. We score credit cards with data-driven testing and a transparent methodology.


We’re extremely transparent about our performance testing process and how we score, rank and recommend financial products and credit cards. We also share how our business makes money so that you know that you can trust our opinion.


Dollarwise and Dollarwise.ca are owned wholly by 1000037859 Ontario Inc, an Ontario Corporation formed and managed by Dollarwise founder, Jack Prenter, who owns 100% of 1000037859 Ontario Inc.

Real experience

We’ve personally reviewed 170+ credit cards and published 100,000+ words of free personal finance content!

Jack Prenter

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Jack Prenter is responsible for our review process and content. He studied Economics at the University of Nottingham and worked in finance for many years.

His experience managing millions of dollars for professional investors and reviewing hundreds of consumer financial products makes him an expert in personal finance.

Globally recognized as personal finance experts

Dollarwise founder Jack Prenter has been featured and/or recognized as a personal finance expert in The Globe and Mail, Yahoo, MSN, Nasdaq, GoBankingRates, Consumer Affairs and CardRatings.com.

Our transparent review process

We’re extremely transparent about our review process and how we score, rank and recommend financial products. You can see our full testing and credit card review methodology here.

How we make money

Dollarwise is a business and to generate revenue we use referral affiliate links and advertising.

When you click a referral link on our website, we may earn a commission.

These affiliate referral links do NOT cost you anything!

This financial compensation allows us to continue to test financial products and create personal finance resources for you.

Our referral links and financial compensation do influence the products that we choose to review, write about and feature. However, they do not influence our scoring reviews. Our reviews and testing follow a data-driven standardized process that you can learn about here.

Many of the products that we include on Dollarwise.ca do not give us a commission, but we include them because we want you to have the best choices.

We are NOT paid to review products and we are NOT paid to score them higher.

Why are some products not on Dollarwise?

Not every financial product available in Canada is included on our website. Here are some reasons why a product might not be listed on our website:

  • If we do not receive a commission from the financial partner, we might decide not to include it on the website.
  • Some providers might opt-out of inclusion.
  • Certain products are not inclusive or relevant.

Why might a product not be included or relevant?

Typically, this would be when a financial product is niche and is not relevant to a large enough percentage of our audience. Or, getting the product might be too complicated or inefficient.