Jack Prenter

CEO of Dollarwise

CEO of Dollarwise and a personal finance expert , he’s the finance brains behind all of our content.

Jack Prenter is the CEO of Dollarwise

Jack Prenter is the CEO of Dollarwise since November 2021.

In his recent article, Brian O’Connell, best-selling author of The 401k Millionaire and Creating Wealth, recognizes Jack Prenter as a “personal finance expert”.

Jack Prenter is a personal finance expert

Jack Prenter and his work has been featured in finance news and articles:

Jack Prenter’s extensive finance experience makes him an expert

University of Nottingham

Jack Prenter studied Economics, giving him a strong base for understanding finance.

Private Equity Analyst

Analyzing the financials and investing into SaaS and internet companies gave him a deep knowledge of finance.

Responsible for Millions of Dollars

A senior leader in organizations earning millions of dollars in revenue and responsible for financial budgeting.

Founded Multiple Companies

Jack has founded and led organizations since 2016, across Europe and North America.

Jack Prenter writes about finance for Canadian’s

With his deep understanding of finance, Jack regularly writes about credit cards, mortgages and insurance topics. His mission is to help Canadian’s to understand their personal finances and make better decisions with their money.

Whether it’s creating a budget to save money, investing for retirement or finding the right bank account – he’s covered it.

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